Saint C Pure Calamansi 250ml

Saint C Pure Calamansi 250ml

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Saint C Calamansi is Philippine lime extract in its purest form. Each drop comes from fruit lovingly grown and handpicked by Filipino farmers and then meticulously hand-pressed to ensure 100% freshness and all-natural goodness. 

This is high in Vitamin C and excellent for boosting your immune system to fight off today’s viruses! 

Recommended uses: 
🌱 Ingredient for Juices and Cocktails
🌱 Dipping Sauce 
🌱 Food Seasoning 
🌱 Topping over Salads and Noodles 
🌱 Cooking Marinade for Meat and Seafood

Saint C Calamansi is really fresh so it is best to keep it refrigerated. It will last up to 6 months as long as it kept inside the fridge. Avoid direct sunlight. The product has no sugar, honey or artificial sweeteners - just pure Calamansi. You can pretty much do anything with it to make your juices, marinades, dips, salad dressings or even Calamansi shots in the morning for those who participate in the “28 Calamansi Movement”. As time passes, the neck portion of the bottle will form rings. That actually represents the best part of the juice as they are the important essential oils that come from the Calamansi rinds during squeezing. Just shake the bottle before use to distribute the essential oils, juice and natural pulp that tend to settle below the bottle. Expect discoloration as this a true test of its natural occurrence with no artificial aid.